Picture of 18k Trim Custom Made ETCHED Italian Charm - Name & Date

18k Trim Custom Made ETCHED Italian Charm - Name & Date

Mark a special occasion - add a name and date of your choice which will be clearly etched in black on the stainless steel charm, for Best results add ONE name, it is only possible to add one date.  If we 


1.  The standard format for this type of charm is ONE name plus ONE date (e.g 01/01/01).  Please be extra careful when typing in this information as the text we receive is the text we use. 

2. If you have any special requests for example the name to be all in capitals please make this clear when sending your message.

3. In rare circumstances we may need to alter the position or font shown in the picture.  If you provide us with too many names etc to fit on the charm we will also shorten this to fit.  For example if you request John James Davies 10/11/82 then you will receive a charm with John 10/11/82. We do have longer superlink charms available in our eBay store if you require more than one name to be added.


4.  ...and finally. Please note we are unable to add any names or text which may infringe on anothers copyright or trademark.  Examples of this would be celebrities, football teams, band names etc .  If you provide us with text that we believe infringes copyright then your order will not be produced and if we do not receive any alternatives it will be cancelled.

All our charms come in official Daisy Charm branded packaging. This is a single Italian charm for use with other Italian charm products.

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This charm will be made and sent usually within 2 working days of you placing your order.

* Please provid name

The Name to go above the Date

* Please provide dat

The Date to go below the Name

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