About the Charms

We sell two types of Charm/Charm Bracelet-

Italian Charm Modular Charms.

The earliest known record for an Modular Charm Bracelet is in a patent filed by the HADLEY COMPANY of America in 1925. Thanks to Mr Art Hadley’s “expansible bracelet” invention we can all now enjoy wearing modular charms that are made of links in a standard size and typically fit with any interchangeable Italian Charm bracelet/charm.

The bracelet really is a sum of its parts – charms are added or taken away to make the bracelet larger or smaller.

European Bead Charms.

Perhaps the oldest form of charm bracelet, quite simply an object with a hole in it that allows a band to be threaded through. European beads are strung on to a base or starter bracelet to create a personalized charm bracelet.